I found the RF system as efficient if not better than the use of pesticides and commercial sprays. The RF did not impair plant growth and flowering.

Dr. Sadeh


Negev Agricultural R&D Center

If successfully applied in large- and commercial scale, the RF technology can partially, or maybe completely, replace the need for using chemicals. It does not interfere with any integrated pest management programs and can be combined with those programs for pesticide-free management of the whitefly, and perhaps other tiny sapsucking pests.

Professor Ghanim


ARO, Volcani Center

The RF system is highly effective and none of the insect's early stages of development survived the first night of treatement. The system was effective enough to eliminate the need to use chemical pesticides.

Mr. Scheffers


R/T Enterprises



How does Crops Guard work?

Crops Guard's patented technology uses Radio Frequency (RF) waves, modulated by our proprietary software, to produce a resonance effect on targeted insects. The RF waves eliminate all developmental stages of the insects, including adults, nymphs and eggs. Crops Guard does not create heat and will not damage crops in any way.

Can Crops Guard elminate all insects?

Crops Guard has been rigorously tested in laboratory, experimental fields and commercial settings. Crops Guard has proven extremely successful in eliminating insects under 3mm in size. Please see our section on the insects we currently eliminate. We destroy the eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults of all insects if they are under 3mm in size. This effectively prohibits the development of a Second Generation of insects in your greenhouse. Crops Guard does not affect pollinating insects like bees.

Will Crops Guard work in my greenhouse?

Crops Guard is adaptable to virtually all greenhouse configurations. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, Crops Guard is extremely versatile and can be deployed in your greenhouse in a variety of manners including as leaky feeder cables, fixed antenna, or mounted on mobile robots.

Is Crops Guard safe?

Absolutely! Crops Guard utilizes RF waves that are in the range of common smartphones. All of Crops Guard's components are safe and fully comply with EU and U.S. regulations. Crops Guard also complies with FCC Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) requirements.