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Dr. Ido Schechter

Chief Executive Officer

Ido has over 20 years of hands-on managerial experience, and is currently CEO of Agrinnovation, a premier venture capital fund. Prior to co-founding Crops Guard and Agrinnovation, Ido served as CEO and Board Member of Top Image Systems, a NASDAQ and TLV Stock Exchange company.

Joshua Karsh

VP of BD and Marketing

Joshua has 15 years of senior level management in the US and Israel.  His experience includes creating winning campaigns, crafting and launching new multi million dollar brands and developing brand penetration strategies for North America and the Middle East.

Professor Hanokh Czosnek

Chief Science Officer

Hanokh has been a research scientist and teacher for the last 40 years, specializing in molecular genetics of plant-insect-virus interactions. Hanokh has edited three books and numerous research papers during his professional career and continues to mentor Masters and Doctoral students.


Nadav Bitton

Chief Technology Officer

Nadav has 20 years of experience as technologist, first in the Israeli Air Force, and then in software and hardware companies. He was the CTO of BIT Technology Company, and prior to that served in various roles as product owner and product manager.



Crops Guard was formed In the prestigious Hebrew University, and developed through decades worth of expertise in physics, biology, electronic engineering, industrial design, agriculture, and computer science


Dr. Murad Ghanim

Department  of Entomology Volcani Institute


Dr. Rena Gorovits

Institute of Plant Sciences Hebrew University


Dr. Haim Rabinowitch

Institute of Plant Sciences Hebrew University


Dr. Lorne Levinson

Faculty of Physics Weizmann Institute